Thanks to the new Cugher systems the idle times have been drastically reduced: guided learning of the glass’ shape; touch programming system through recipe menu; motorized automatic correction of the register; automatic regulation of the squeegee pressure independently of the glass thickness; screen cleaning out of the printing table without losing the register; pneumatic fixing of the nesting plates, without the use of any tools. Our extensive research has realized the possibility to allow a complete changeover of the production in less than 10 minutes and an outstanding productivity.
The achieved level of automation and the ease of the implementation and supervision of the printing processes require less skilled personnel, which has favorable economic and organizational impacts.

Silk screen printing on all types of glass for vehicles, tempered and laminated 

We have acquired a unique experience in the automotive industry, working for over 30 years with the leading automotive glasses manufacturers, to become the leading constructor of automotive printing lines. As a main contractor we integrate all the known technologies of the leading companies, thus offering a single point of reference, guaranteeing the commissioning of the line within the agreed deadlines.
We start with the analysis of the production needs and the plant layout, to deliver high efficiency solutions, which utilize best the space available, providing technical advices in order to reduce or eliminate the ladders to cross the lines; the simplicity of use of our systems, enables high quality work, even when the technical staff has limited experience with silk screen printing.
Drilled glasses, asymmetrical or paired, with or without powdering; printing of tracks with electro conductive paint for antennas integrated in the rear window; our lines manage effectively all the production needs of your glasses for automobiles, autobuses, trains and ships.