LS SERIES silk screen printing machine

The ideal cross point between productivity, versatility,
dimensions and price. Unlimited printing applications on flat
glass, ceramic, metal, plastic and wood.

Printer LS Series

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For over 40 years, in Cugher we have been pioneers in the study, development, construction and implementation of solutions and advanced systems for silk screen printing.
Our machines and services are created to be always consistent with the new demands of the industry and to assure our clients that they have the most efficient solutions to approach the market.
The LS Series machine is the ideal cross point between productivity, versatility, dimensions and price. It offers illimited printing applications on flat glass, ceramic, metal, plastic and wood.
This machine integrates the best printing technology in a compact body design. Thanks to the PLC control, the automatic snap-off and the possibility for automatic rear unloading of the printed pieces, the machine guarantees printing quality and a production unique in its kind. It is suitable for small and medium printing lots.
The LS Series has been designed to optimize the new production processes, allowing faster format change and simplified procedures for changing the screen and programming the next production cycle.
The manufacture of the LS is based on established standards and the use of the best components on the market in order to ensure reliability, durability and simple maintenance, also thanks to a painstaking design which allows easy access to all the parts subject to maintenance.
The machine is equipped with safety barriers in compliance with the European Directives for Safety and the relevant CE marking : 2006/42/EC.


  • Solid anodized aluminium printing table with horizontal pneumatical movement for easier loading and front unloading of the pieces;
  • The flood bar/squeegee group is mounted on tempered guides with ball runner blocks, in order to reduce to the minimum the friction and maintain constant fluid motion;
  • Pneumatic system for the adjustment of the pieces by means of two centering plates that also serve to avoid that the squeegee bumps into the edges of the pieces during the printing process. They open at the end of the cycle to ease loading and unloading operations. The closing system is a self-centering system;
  • Adjustment of the flood bar/squeegee group pressure by means of proportional valves with self-learning of the thickness which maintain the pre-set pressure along the run, automatically compensating in case of variation of the surface thickness;
  • The speed of the squeegee and the flood bar are independent, set through the operator panel, the movement is driven by brushless motors;
  • Regulation of the distance between the screen frame and the surface to print, and automatic snap-off (max. 30mm), with the possibility to adjust independently the starting point and the lifting;
  • Micrometric adjustment of the screen frame position along the X-Y axis and rotation Z;
  • Vertical lifting by 20 mm of the printing head after each printing cycle and vertical lifting by 500 mm to ease the cleaning of the screen and the access for inspection and maintenance.
Max. dimension (mm.): 700 x 300 - 700 x 500 - 1000 x 300 - 1000 x 500 - 1000 x 700 - 1300 x 300 - 1300 x 500 - 1300 x 700
Printing table heightmm. 950Screen adjustment axis X - Y - Zmm. ± 5
Min. printing dimension**mm. 50 x 250 - only for manual unloadingPrinting speedUp to 40 Mt/m
Max. screen frame dimensions+500 mm - with respect to the max. print dimensionSnap-off registermm. 0 ÷ 30
Glass thicknessmm. 0 ÷ 20Required air pressureMin. 5 ATM
Empty cycle400 pcs/hVoltage and standard frequency400 v 50hz
ProductivityUp to 4 pcs/minInstalled powerkw 3,5 a Kw 5
Precision and repetabilitymm. ± 0,08Net weight (depends on the model)From Kg. 600 a Kg. 1200
Printing head height for screen cleaningmm. 500